Staff profile

Summary Profiles of the areas of competence of the Argo staff are given below. Specific details and CV’s are available upon request.

Wenche Asyee

Senior Seismic Interpreter / Structural Geologist
Senior Consultant Partner

Full partner of Argo Geological Consultants since 1989. Wenche has been seconded at several clients amongst which Shell International E&P, NAM, Wintershall and Shell E&P. She has worked on a large variety of projects worldwide, from stratigraphic forward modeling to seismic interpretation, visualization and QI and fracture modeling from deepwater clastics to shallow carbonate depositional settings. Wenche is at present assigned as seismic interpreter and structural geologist to a carbonate team and focuses on exploration plays.

Claartje van Es


Claartje graduated from Leeds University in 2013 with an MSC degree in Structural Geology and Geophysics.
She is currently seconded to a large Dutch Operating Company active in the Southern North Sea as a data manager to the Exploration Department.

Richard Huis in ’t Veld

Senior Reservoir Geologist / Seismic Interpreter
Senior Consultant Partner

Co-founder of Argo   Geological Consultants. Richard has been seconded at several clients amongst   which NAM, Shell Peru and Wintershall Noordzee. His main fields of expertise are   in production geology, reservoir modelling and seismic interpretation. He has   been involved in various field development-planning projects, such as the Field   Development Plans for NAM’s Norg and Grijpskerk Underground Gas Storage fields,   as well as equity determinations. Richard is at present working for one of our   client on several exploration projects and new gas field developments in the   Dutch Offshore.

Tim Kahs


Tim graduated in Marine Geology at the University of Bremen in 2012 and is currently seconded to the geochemistry department of a major oil company based in the Netherlands.

Henk van Lochem

Senior Geologist / Seismic Interpreter
Senior Consultant Partner and General Manager

Co-founder and General Manager of Argo Geological Consultants. Henk has worked on a large number of projects in the North Sea Basin, Eastern & Southern Europe and Colombia. He is an expert in seismic interpretation and prospect generation and has worked on well proposals for both exploration and production wells. Henk has been assigned as project coordinator for various exploration and production licence applications. A large amount of his time he now spends on the evaluation of farm-in and acquisition opportunities for our clients.

Rob Markgraaf

Senior Seismic Interpreter
Senior Consultant Partner and Human Resource Manager

Co-founder of Argo   Geological Consultants and part of the management team responsible for Human   Resource Management. After secondment to various clients Rob is currently   serving a contract with a Netherlands based operating company. He is a team   member of an exploration team, which is generating and drilling prospects in the   Southern North Sea. Rob previously worked on projects involved in production   seismology of Permian and Triassic fields offshore the Netherlands and detailed   seismic interpretation for Pre Stack Depth   Migration.

Kees van Ojik, EurGeol

Senior Geoscientist
Senior Consultant Partner

Co-founder of Argo Geological Consultants. Kees has been seconded at several clients amongst which NAM, Conoco, OKIOC and Agip KCO and has gained experience in the full spectrum of subsurface evaluations. Until 1999 he was working as an exploration geologist for NAM in the Dutch Southern North Sea Basin at clastic deposits. From 1999 till 2005 he was seconded as a geologist to the OKIOC consortium (later operated by Agip KCO) working in a small multidisciplinary team. Within this team he participated in the discovery and subsequent appraisal of the giant Kashagan oil field and surrounding fields (Caspian Sea, Kazakhstan). From 2005 till 2015 he has worked for NAM, first as a stratigrapher in the North Sea basin and Atlantic Margin areas, later as senior production geologist in the JDA (Joint Development Area). Till date he is seconded to ENGIE as an exporation geologist.

Cees van Oosterhout

Senior Geologist / Seismic Interpreter
Senior Consultant/Partner and Acquisition Manager

Co-founder of Argo   Geological Consultants and member of the management team responsible for   Acquisition and Marketing. Cees has been seconded at several clients amongst   which NAM, Mobil, Wintershall, Shell International Petroleum Mij, Shell Temir   (Kazakhstan), Shell Gabon and Shell Research. His main fields of expertise are   in seismic interpretation and associated study work, mapping at regional and   prospect scale. He has been involved in various exploration projects in the FSU   conducted by Shell since 1992. Some of these projects resulted in operational   ventures to which support has been given in both study and operational phases of   these projects.

Dejan Zamurovic


Dejan graduated in 2012 from the VU, Amsterdam with a MSC degree in Geology (Structural Geology & Tectonics specialisation).
After an academic post-graduation study with the European Space Agency, he joined Argo Geological Consultants BV.
Dejan is currently assigned to a large Dutch company operating in the North Sea, as a data manager for the Exploration Department.